Production Manager - Bulk Process

General Description:  Responsible for the management of the technicians and day to day production activities related to the operations of the site bulk production units. Manage daily activities of Production Operation: Develop and maintain procedures, plans, and programs to ensure Production output meets all S&OP requirements for customer demands associated with bulk products manufactured at Texas Operations. Direct Production Technicians to ensure the production units operate in a safe, efficient manner.  Provide off hours technical support in areas of responsibility. Lead and actively participate the Guiding Principles of the Responsible Care Management System and contribute to the sustainability of the OSHA VPP Program by continuing to uphold the principles demonstrated as a Star site.  Maintain the intent and integrity of the Functional Safety Program to ensure a safe operating facility. People Leadership: Cultivate a more highly skilled, motivated, and effective department through direct, focused communication. Manage the production technicians in their growth, development, and compensation. Assist as required in the implementation of self-directed work teams at Texas Operations.   Other    Lead / Administer procedures and practices to promote safe work. Participate in the analysis of accidents, incidents and near misses to include recommended corrective actions that will reduce the likelihood of recurrence.  Provide for the appropriate testing, maintenance and replacement of all equipment necessary to meet the needs of SI GROUP, Texas Operations in the Production areas. Ensure the Production Department adheres to the principles of ISO 9002. Provide support, as needed, to the Senior Production Manager   Qualifications   Education and Experience: Bachelor Degree, preferably Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering Minimum 8 years in Production/Operations  roles in a manufacturing environment   Language Skills: English  Software Skills: Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, TrainingMine and Communicator to interact effectively with colleagues and customers.   All SI Group Corporate Competencies are Important.  The following Corporate Competencies are of particular importance for this position: Result Leadership:  Gets Things Done Personal Leadership:  Positive Attitude and a leader for the production technicians Employee Engagement: Engages and motivates diverse styles Teamwork:  Ensures collaboration across department boundaries. Communication: Able to resolve conflicts and persuade others with excellent communication skills, both verbal and written Sense of Urgency:  Ability to meet deadlines, understand what is important and to determine when an issue needs to be elevated in priority   Specific Functional Competencies: Maintain the daily operations at Texas Operations with the mindset of Operational Excellence and continual improvement. Pass medical physical exam by company doctors and remain capable in accordance with the prescribed "Fit for Duty" job analysis.  18000078
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
8 - 10 years

Don't Be Fooled

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